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Startups with b2b business models often face difficult challenges

long sales cycles
lack of network in industry
no infrastructure/data for testing

Our investment approach closes a large gap on the VC market that institutional investors are unable to close: More than a plain finance provider, we are a operative sparring partner to our portfolio companies and give them hands-on support.



Our goal is to revolutionize b2b industries. Therefore we invest in founders with inspiring ideas and disruptive business models. We support startups not only through financing but through our network, knowledge, and market access.


kloeckner.v is part of the Klöckner & Co SE Group and next to kloeckner.i, an integral part of the corporate digitalization strategy. To achieve our vision, we are looking for people with game changing ideas for the steel distribution industry as well as adjacent sectors.

Our business model is to offer complementary support in addition to traditional venture capital financing. Our portfolio companies profit through our extensive cross industry network in Europe and North America, access to potential customers and suppliers, as well as to in- depth know-how of our industry experts.

Investment Philosophy

We are looking for exceptional startup teams with disruptive and scalable business ideas that target a large market. We focus our investments on two distinct areas:

  • b2b e-commerce and services
  • Internet of Things

As corporate venture company we put our broad range of corporate assets into use as multiplicator to accelerate growth in portfolio companies. To unlock the full potential of such a cooperation, we look mainly into investments in businesses that show a good match with those assets.

Overview of our investments


Moritz Fischer 01

Moritz Fischer



Arjen de Jong



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