About us


kloeckner.ventures is the Corporate Venture Capital entity of Klöckner & Co SE, as such we are actively looking for startups that fit our strategic focus and bring value to our organization. Additionaly, we engage in indirect investments/ fund investments.

Klöckner & Co SE

In the steel and metal distribution, Klöckner & Co is one of the world’s largest producer-independent companies. Thanks to our modern service centers, we rank among the top suppliers of high-quality processed steel and metal products. The Group supplies approx. 100,000 customers through its distribution and service network of around 140 locations in 13 countries.

To better serve our customers, we offer all key product-related services from consulting and procurement through warehousing and processing to distribution. Drawing on our expertise and technical resources, we devise and implement end-to-end solutions for many different industries and for companies of any size.

As a pioneer of the digital transformation in the steel industry, our target is to fully digitalize the supply and service chain.

Klöckner & Co SE

Logistics & Operations/ Warehousing

  • Transport Solutions: Tools for loadplanning, transport platform
  • Platform & Supply Chain Solutions: supply chain planning, network simulation
  • Warehousing Solutions: NFC solutions, photo recognition asset management software


  • Analytics: Advanced tools for supplier evaluation, data mining for procurement KPIs  
  • Simulation: Advanced modelling and simulation tools


  • Sales Support Solutions: Customer service solutions, 360° customer view, automated workflows
  • Digital Sales: Platform solutions for complex processed products, AI based decision support for sales activities